Advanced Music Recovery

Advanced Music Recovery 4.0

A tool to recover MP3 and M4A audio files that have been deleted or lost
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Advanced Music Recovery is a tool designed to recover MP3 and M4A audio files that have been deleted from any of your drives and portable devices. It will scan the selected drive and will try to locate the lost files even when the folder has been deleted or the drive has been formatted. The supported audio codecs make this tool especially useful for recovering lost files in Apple players.

The recovery process is extremely simple. You just need to select the drive where the lost files were saved, and an output directory to store the recovered audio files (this needs to be in a different drive from the one to be scanned). This simplicity of use, however, forces you to scan the whole drive, which may mean a few hours’ wait for devices or disks of a reasonable size. The process cannot be stopped or cancelled, so you need to go through the whole scanning process if you want the program to eventually recover the file(s). It is true that this is not the kind of tool that you should need using every day, but a higher degree of flexibility would improve its performance.

It is difficult to know if this is because of a limitation of the evaluation version, or just the way the application works, but the program has problems locating certain lost files. This is something to be expected if new and old files have been repeatedly saved and deleted after we lost our audio files, especially if a long time has passed since our MP3s and M4As were erased. However, this has been detected with MP3 files which were deleted immediately before scanning the drive, an instance which is hard to accept.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Straightforward recovery process


  • It only scans full drives, not allowing for selective scanning of specific folders
  • Limited number of audio codecs supported
  • Not all deleted files are detected
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